The Tarpon, Megalops atlanticus

green or steel blue above, silver on sides and belly. Deep, thick frame; forked tail. lengthy trailer at end of dorsal fin.

OTHER NAMES: Silver King, Sabalo

DESCRIPTION: inexperienced or metal blue above, silver on aspects and stomach. Deep, thick body; forked tail. lengthy trailer at give up of dorsal fin.

length: From 12 inches or much less to about seventy five kilos, on common, despite the fact that large fish of a hundred to a hundred and fifty kilos are severa in lots of regions. global report 286 kilos, 9 oz.; Florida document 243 kilos.

food cost: None.

recreation features: well-known for the spectacle and frequency of its jumps. large Tarpon don’t quite healthy the acrobatics of the smaller ones, but they jump regularly sufficient in shallow water, and with even greater fury.

TACKLE AND BAITS: Anglers searching for massive fish in passes, channels, deep bays and surf regions like stout tackle with strains trying out at least 30 kilos. All sizes of spinning, baitcasting and fly address get lots of play for smaller fish.The equal styles of gear, even though of heavier proportions, also are used for big fish on shallow residences. Use as a minimum 15-pound line on spinning and casting gear, and at least a 10-weight fly outfit with minimum sixteen-pound tippet. Heavy monofilament leaders or tippets are required because of the Tarpon’s very hard mouth. waft-fishermen within the passes and inlets pick stay baits—particularly small crabs and small fish. All Tarpon will take useless baits, along with a Mullet head or half of Mullet, fished patiently on bottom. For trolling or surfcasting with heavier gear, massive jigs, spoons and lipped plugs get the decision. typically, casters revel in the maximum fulfillment with swimming plugs, jerk plugs and floor plugs. Fly fishermen depend closely on scissor-motion feather streamers and bulky bucktail streamers.

FISHING SYSTEMS: Casting; Drifting; Still Fishing; Trolling.

range: All Florida coasts plus the more Antilles and a few different Caribbean islands, such as the Virgin and Cayman Islands. Scattered in the Bahamas, wherein it’s miles maximum ample around Andros but additionally gift someplace else, along with Bimini, the Berry Islands, and the Exumas.

HABITAT: Fishable at some point of Florida in heat months, together with the Panhandle, however adults are largely constrained to South Florida inside the iciness. principal fishing efforts for big Tarpon are directed at live-baiting in huge passes, inlets, channels and river mouths throughout the country, and at sight-fishing with fly and casting address on shallow residences within the Keys and on the decrease Gulf Coast from Homosassa southward. massive and medium Tarpon also are located off the seashores and within the surf of both coasts at instances, and lots of are hooked from bridges and piers, particularly at night. Medium-size fish are not unusual in a selection of settings in South and crucial Florida, together with freshwater rivers and landlocked canals.Tiny juveniles inhabit landlocked canals and ditches.

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