Shortcuts For Catching Snook In Florida

when developing up in vital Florida as a bass addict, I never idea I’d ever discover a fish that was more exciting to pursue than a bass.

however, that speedy changed after I stuck my first snook… which I concluded become essentially a bass on steroids that lives salt water.

now not most effective do the two species fight very comparable (plenty of jumps, headshakes, and competitive runs), but they also have very comparable feeding styles.

but after years of pursuing each species at the same time as dwelling in imperative Florida, I moved to the coast 12 years in the past and had been completely addicted to inshore fishing for snook, redfish, and trout ever for the reason that.

And of the inshore species, snook are my number one recognition because of the fact that they keep me connected to my bass fishing strategies discovered while developing up and they simply so manifest to be awesome combatants and extraordinary table fare too.

After receiving many questions about a way to catch snook because launching Salt robust, I concept a piece of writing like this that highlights important shortcuts to catching snook in Florida would be helpful for plenty saltwater anglers to growth the amount of snook stuck consistent with hour of fishing…

Important Shortcuts to Catching Snook in Florida that I’ve learned over the years:

Learn How to Assess An Area For Feeding Snook

this is by some distance the most essential shortcut of all, and it’s what causes most anglers to come back domestic empty passed… or not anything more than a measly catfish, which many accept as true with are even worse than catching not anything at all.

if you want to constantly seize snook, it is genuinely important so one can quickly investigate an area for it capacity to be a feeding floor.

without this knowledge, an angler will waste heaps of time fishing in spots that have very little threat of achievement.

fortunately, locating excellent snook feeding areas isn’t always rocket technological know-how and doesn’t require a sixth feel…

In reality, you’ll be manner beforehand of the game in case you simply recognition on these three easy matters:

present day

sure, those 3 simple and smooth to distinguish variables will drastically help you find correct areas to seize snook… even in areas that you’ve by no means even been to.


Snook are ambush predators that prefer to live nonetheless and pounce on an unsuspecting prey, and modern-day extensively allows them get extra food with much less attempt… in order that they most often hang around regions which have modern (kinda like how we humans get lazy at times knowing that we can absolutely go to a drive via lane for meals).


similar to maximum ambush-oriented species, snook opt to loaf around shape. And because they’re within the middle of the meals chain, they like shape for two motives…

Feeding station – just as snook are seeking safety from large predators by using hanging close to structure, nicely most of the smaller fish that snook feed on do the exact same component.
protection from predators – sure, even the huge snook can fall prey to a larger and faster predator… most notoriously dolphin which like them about as a great deal as we do (click underneath to peer a dolphin outwit a massive snook alongside a shoreline).


If one could read a snook’s thoughts, my bet is that it’s far centered on most effective two standard targets…

in which am i able to discover meals?
How do I no longer get eaten through some thing else?

And considering the fact that meals is a top concept, you better agree with that they most usually hold close to a meals supply…

So while you don’t see any signs and symptoms of baitfish in a place which you’re fishing (ripples/splashes at the water, small pecks at your trap/bait, and many others.), it’s usually a very good concept to transport on to every other spot.

Live Bait Is NOT A Requirement

despite the fact that the television shows most customarily feature guides using stay bait for snook, it maximum without a doubt isn’t always required.

I do maximum of my snook fishing with synthetic lures for the duration of the yr because it frees up a ton of time and strength in having to catching live bait.

In fact, we made a decision to best fish with artificial lures while filming the Salt strong music video called “Fishing In Our Soul” considering our core on line schooling path focuses on catching slams with synthetic lures…

And the pressure was on because we handiest had 2 half of days to film in an area none of us were to in a couple months, and we sincerely needed to get a ~20 lb snook…

Yep, it become caught from a niche with structure, modern, AND bait.

It was a flat with an oyster bar and lots of potholes close to it (each forms of structure) that had lots of contemporary (max outgoing) with lots of bait on it (mullet, ballyhoo, pinfish, glass minnows, and whitebait).

All it takes is matching the proper entice to the proper spot… and since we already blanketed the spot (present day + shape+ bait), now we just need to have a lure based totally on special combinations of those systems.

Use the Right Gear For The Conditions

As said earlier, catching snook may be accomplished with using either artificial lures or stay bait.

And it’s very critical to fit our gear to both the kind of entice/bait we’re the use of in addition to the region we’re fishing.

for example, it would no longer be realistic to use a 30 lb leader on 10 lb primary line to fish for snook in an inlet like Sebastian Inlet that has extremely strong modern-day with plenty of shape (too mild to pull a large fish against the go with the flow around rocks).

however it might additionally not be realistic to use a 40 lb fundamental line with 60+ lb chief at the same time as seeking to catch a massive snook on artificial trap up on a huge grass flat with gradual modern due to the fact it would considerably prevent casting performance and it’d make it tough to efficaciously paintings the bait to draw a strike.

excellent Fishing Line for Snook

here’s a quick list of situations I often fish with the respective line sizes that I normally use:

Open grass flat with sluggish modern-day: 10-15 lb braid with 30-forty lb leader
Mangrove line or docks with sluggish/medium modern: 15-20 lb braid with 40-50lb chief
speedy transferring modern with shape: 30-forty lb braid with 50-80 lb chief
exceptional live Bait for Snook

A snook’s feeding sample of route fluctuates at some stage in the yr and even throughout the day in many instances…

The quality way to decide what bait is great to apply is clearly use some thing is most commonplace in the region you’re fishing on the time.

for instance, we hosted a wounded warrior from TX down in southwest FL in March and we found a gap with proper modern, structure, and ton of pinfish… so we knew that the snook had been honed in on pinfish bearing in mind us to effortlessly make a a laugh how-to video that protected a snook catch.

however, choosing an appropriate stay bait for snook isn’t continually that easy to determine so it’s often pleasant to catch some different types to look which one receives the most movement.

right here’s a short like of proper snook baits:

Croakers (Atlantic)

Any of those are outstanding alternatives, and it’s great to in shape hook size to the dimensions of the bait being used… small bait like a shrimp will require a much smaller hook in comparison to a hog leg mullet.

stay Bait Tip: Hook your baits toward their nostril if the modern-day is ripping in order that they seem like swimming certainly when getting pulled thru the water, and hook baits toward the tail while fishing mild present day so you can direct the fish to swim faraway from you closer to the shape by using simply pulling on the road (see instance below for a live mullet).

satisfactory synthetic Lures for Snook

i like to simplify entice selection by way of categorizing options based at the holding intensity the snook are retaining (and i’ll just deliver one or two in line with class to keep me focused at the maximum important aspects… feeding depth and presentation style).

right here are the categories of lures that need to be considered:

Shallow intensity (beneath 2 ft. of water) – Topwater plugs, soft plastic jerk baits, and hard plastic postponing twitch baits
Mid intensity (2 toes. to 5 feet.) – Jigs, bucktails, swim baits, and small lipped crank baits
Deep (five toes.+) – Heavier jigs/bucktails, swim baits, and large lipped crank baits

observe: My absolute favorite way to catch snook is on a hand-made jig… click on here to learn how to make your own bucktail jigs using gadgets that you may already have.
first-class Snook combination (Fishing Rod and Reel)

There are an huge amount of alternatives for rods in recent times… and it can clearly be mind-blowing for plenty anglers and simply can not be replied in a brief post…

So I endorse going to a local tackle shop or two to have a local help you out in case you’re pressured.

but here are the two questions ought to be considered:

Will you be fishing heavy or mild cutting-edge?
Will you be the use of stay bait or synthetic lures?

if you experience which you’re answers are closer to the first two alternatives (heavy current and live bait), then getting a sturdy rod/reel with heavier line might be the satisfactory bet.

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