How to Catch Pinfish for Bait Without a Net or Trap

imagine how first rate it might be to without difficulty seize pinfish for bait while not having to get soaked throwing a cast net or losing time/electricity loading a pinfish entice.

some days it’s surely an excessive amount of of a hassle to seize pinfish with a cast net (now not to say not anything is worse on bloodless mornings than getting soaked with salt water).

furthermore, maximum folks don’t have the posh of getting a pinfish trap sitting on a honey hollow prior to your fishing ride both.

which is why we put this text and video collectively to teach you a high-quality way to trap tons of pinfish, whilst having tons of a laugh with your whole family.

first-class of all, this can be done almost anywhere pinfish stay, and it may be efficiently finished through even the latest and youngest anglers accessible…

How to Catch Pinfish on Hook and Line

I’m not certain precisely why, however pinfish surely like to chunk Berkley Gulp baits.

I fish for snook, redfish, and trout with tender plastic jerk baits 90%+ of the time, and i’ve experimented with each logo i’m able to get my palms on.

throughout the past five years of smooth plastics fishing, baits from Berkley Gulp always get extra moves from pinfish (and game fish too, however that’s for a special article).

thankfully, these Gulp baits are very difficult taking into account them to withstand most of the pinfish and puffer assaults.

however, there’s constantly a time whilst both a Gulp Shrimp or Jerkbait is too beat up/ripped up to be used efficiently for sport fish…

however in preference to throwing them away, I suggest saving them to use for catching pinfish, as it’s a lot easier and cleaner than the usage of cut shrimp, which was the method i was taught when really young that were given me hooked on saltwater fishing (you may see what i’m speaking about in the video tutorial beneath).

normal, pinfish are the easiest to discover and the most common catch, but this bait catching method will even reward you with grunts, pigfish, croakers, and pretty plenty some thing else that feeds on small shrimp/minnows on grass flats.

Catch Pinfish

The Salt Strong Pinfish Catching Process

The system is extraordinarily easy… all you have to do is find a grass flat this is retaining pinfish, and drag a small chew of any Berkley Gulp on a small hook along the lowest (the smaller the dimensions the better).

and you don’t even have to do any unique retrieve… here are the three most commonplace retrieve strategies I’ve seen work:

let it take a seat on the bottom
when on an awesome flat, you may frequently just cast out the road and allow it sit down… the very cease of the tutorial video is an example of this in action
soar along the lowest
that is my personal favourite approach to use… I solid out and permit it fall all the manner to the bottom, and then slowly elevate the rod up about a foot, after which permit if fall returned and retrieve the slack line before doing it again (it will most often get struck at the fall lower back)
Drag alongside the lowest
this is the easiest technique and is high-quality for the actually younger anglers who aren’t equipped for running the rod within the bouncing method (I’ve visible a 3 12 months vintage out trap us adults the usage of this easy “slowly reel it in” retrieve approach)


For a a laugh and rewarding own family time out full of fish catching, this style of bait catching may be a first rate preference given its simplicity and the reality that even the youngest of anglers can without problems trap lots of fish.

In reality, I’ve been on multiple island tenting trips in which we arm 3 to eight-year-olds with some rods and some split Gulp shrimp, and they capture more pinfish and grunts than we should in all likelihood even use… and they had an absolute blast doing it!

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