The Best Rods and Reels For Every Fisherman

i was 12 after I went on the first and ultimate a hit fishing ride of my childhood. That summer time, my father’s secretary Melody and her husband Ed took us all trolling for salmon on Lake Michigan. Ed, who had a lovely 30-foot inboard Sea Ray Bowrider with Walker downriggers, knew a thing or two, and had rigged 4 rods with colourful plastic lures. a few miles offshore, the rods commenced popping off, and while Ed surpassed one to me, an alien pleasure commenced to boil at the back of my sternum. We hauled within the salmon conveyor-fashion, the four people reeling and unhooking and excessive-fiving and wiping our hands on our shorts while Ed re-rigged, then grabbing some other rod with a salmon on it and starting the dance all another time, until our arms were throbbing and our clothes filthy with fish slime. I actually don’t suppose my mother believed that the salmon steaks we brought home were from the wild and no longer the supermarket.