Greater Amberjack

Normal brownish or goldish. Heavy frame. No scutes ahead of tail fin. darkish oblique line thru the eye that ends on the dorsal fin.

SIZE: faculties of young fish are common at five-20 kilos.common size over deep wrecks and reefs is 30- 60 kilos, but one hundred-pounders are not too rare and the capability most exceeds one hundred fifty record 155 kilos, 10 oz.; Florida document 142 kilos.

FOOD VALUE: Excellent, smoked or fresh.

GAME QUALITIES: A robust, punishing fighter that powers deep and defies lifting. fairly long runs also can occur early within the fight. A excellent deal of stamina fits their power. novices may additionally fight Amberjack of common length for an hour or longer.

TACKLE AND BAITS: Amberjack are most customarily caught aboard charterboats and partyboats on heavy rods and reels with strains checking out 50 pounds or extra—and are no patsies, even then. experienced light-tackle anglers can efficiently struggle them with spinning and baitcasting rigs, or even fly rods. round wrecks, they regularly observe hooked fish to boatside, and also might also upward push to the top voluntarily.Then they may be cast to with surface plugs, spoons, jigs, or huge flyrod streamers and poppers. stay pal can even draw Amberjack from the depths. best bait with heavy address is any type of live fish, the friskier the better.

Greater Amberjack

OTHER NAMES: Amberjack, AJ Coronado Cavilia

RANGE: All Florida, the Bahamas and Caribbean

HABITAT: Adults are common at diverse depths, starting from reefs numerous hundred toes deep to fairly shallow wrecks and reefs. massive ones also come near shore at times, mainly in the Keys and the Islands. artificial reefs and wrecks all along the Gulf Coast often har- bor huge colleges of smaller Amberjack, and plenty of Gulf wrecks are domestic to big ones as properly.

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