The Southern Flounder, Paralichthys lethostigma

Brown or olive history, liberally marked with both darkish blotches and white spots; however, the prominent eye-like spots (ocelli) of the Gulf Flounder are lacking.

length: this is the bigger of Florida’s two broadly caught Flounders. It averages 2-4 pounds, however fish strolling eight- 12 pounds are caught every 12 months—usually inside the fall around foremost inlets from the Georgia line to Sebastian. global and Florida information 20 pounds, 9 oz..

food fee: one of the pleasant.

sport features: massive fish get off a few fair runs, however the outcome is seldom doubtful.

address AND BAITS: For maximum Flounder fishing, ordi- nary mild spinning or baitcasting tackle is greater than ok.while concentrated on doormats around the inlets with stay bait, the same styles of tools, but with stouter rods and possibly more potent traces have to be used. mild saltwater boat address also does the job. massive Flounder are taken commonly with stay fish as bait. Finger Mullet are favorites anywhere. Smaller fish—and massive ones at instances—will also hit live or useless shrimp and cut baits. even as most fish-imitating lures will take Flounder, jigs are the maximum efficient.

FISHING systems: still Fishing; Casting; Drifting.

range: occurs statewide, except in extreme South Florida and Keys.The Southern is the commonplace Flounder of really the entire Florida Atlantic Coast.

HABITAT: most of the year, this fish is discovered in incredibly shallow areas, who prefer gentle bottom near such cowl as bars or rub- ble. additionally holes in grass beds and edges of channels.

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