The Cobia, Rachycentron canadum within the water, Cobia appearance very just like sharks.the standard colour is brown or dark grey above, whitish on the bottom, with a dark stripe jogging from gills to base of tail. The striped look is more brilliant in juveniles. numerous rather sharp finlets on the dorsal floor extend from behind the top to the dorsal fin.

OTHER NAMES: Ling, Crab Eater, Lemonfish, Bacalao

SIZE: common from 20 to 50 pounds; sometimes up to 80 pounds, and possibly to a hundred or more. world report one hundred thirty five kilos, nine oz.; Florida file a hundred thirty kilos, 1 oz..

FOOD VALUE: Excellent, smoked or fresh.

GAME QUALITIES: A robust however unpredictable fighter. typically clicks off pretty long, rapid runs, and can fight deep with terrific stamina; however, many individuals placed on lackluster fights if not pressured too difficult— saving their quality efforts for after they are boated!

TACKLE AND BAITS: Surf address is the pleasant guess for pier fishing—and for boat fishing while lengthy casts with heavy lures are known as for. in view that Cobia are infamous for wrapping strains round buoys and spoil structure, most anglers use 30-pound-check line or heavier. as soon as clear of obstructions, but, even huge Cobia can be efficiently fought with spinning, baitcasting and fly tackle—even though a minimum of 10-pound line or tip- pet is recommended. when gaffed “green” (no longer worn-out), Cobia can—and frequently do—spoil up the interior of a ship. Jigs and large streamer flies are the most-used artificials. Spoons and swimming plugs often work properly; you would possibly wake them up with a surface plug, popper or tube lure. stay baitfish, together with Pinfish, Mullet, Cigar Minnows, Grunts and Jacks paintings pleasant, but stay shrimp, crabs, useless fish or squid are good too.


FISHING SYSTEMS: Still Fishing; Casting; Trolling; Drifting.

RANGE: All Florida coasts; huge- unfold all through the Bahamas and Caribbean, despite the fact that seldom considerable.

HABITAT: all of the manner from shal- low inshore waters to the deep sea. maximum Florida Cobia winter within the southern reaches of the nation or offshore, migrating northward within the Spring to cowl both coasts. Dramatic runs arise along Panhandle seashores in April. Cobia like to loaf around navigation markers, wrecks and artificial reefs, in which they swim both at the surface and down deep.they also escort wandering Mantas and different large rays, and lots of are stuck around the ones hosts. Juveniles are regularly caught incidentally via trout fishermen over many Gulf Coast grass residences—and a few huge ones too.

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