Bonnethead Shark

The Bonnethead is unmistakable be- cause of its rounded or shovel-formed head—no longer squared off or simplest barely rounded as within the large Hammerheads. color is mostly a very mild gray, appearing almost white within the water.

SIZE: Averages 2-five kilos; on occasion tops 10 record 26 pounds.

Bonnethead Shark


GAME QUALITIES: A spunky little fighter on light equipment, but no longer so hard as other types.

TACKLE AND BAITS: light spinning and baitcasting clothing. Any type of small live fish or reduce bait.

FISHING SYSTEMS: Drifting; Still Fishing.

RANGE: All Florida coasts, the Bahamas and Caribbean.

HABITAT: Sticks largely to the shallows and is a common sight to the numerous Floridians who fish Speckled Trout and different species on the residences.also roams channels and deeper water.

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