Best for Walleye

St. Croix Legend Tournament Walleye Rod, Abu Garcia Revo SX Reel

After fishing all day with the Legend event ($270) and catching most effective one fish, I sat on my bumper watching moonlight rake through the clouds, while a person got here roaring thru the timber with a headlamp on, the pine needles whistling against his polyurethane garments, and keeping what needed to be a eleven-pound walleye over one shoulder and — I child you now not — a Legend event over the alternative.

Walleye require a effective, medium-mild, speedy-movement jigging rod, normally inside the 7-to-eight-foot variety. I’d heard this again and again from walleye nuts: the Legend event is St. Croix’s best freshwater fulfillment. Now i am getting it. I’m no longer sure if the generation specifications resonate with anglers: SCiv graphite blanks, one of a kind integrated Poly Curve era, Fuji SK2 cut up reel seat, plus superbly polished rings and frames. What resonated with me is that the rod tromps on the usual vertical jigging metrics — nicely balanced, light-weight yet hard as bricks, and uncommonly gentle inside the tip — to seize an ineffable fine: no matter its heft, it became amusing as hell to fish with all day, even for one measly fish, that is the walleye angler’s M.O.

The braintrust at Abu Garcia had walleye fishermen in mind with the brand new Revo SX reel ($one hundred sixty), even lighter and greater durable than the older fashions, and perfect for publish-spawn jigs within the densest cover.

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