Best for Trout

Fenwick Elite Tech River Runner Rod, Pflueger Patriarch XT

Trout, for all in their majesty, are also like those beady-eyed demons from the old testament dragging you in the direction of the deep outer banks of melancholy. To deal with those shifty bastards you want finesse in heady degree, ideally by means of way of an extremely-mild or medium-light rod, slight-rapid action, inside the 7.five- to nine-foot area. The Fenwick Elite Tech River Runner ($one hundred fifty), as I found out, can assist placed all of the old voodoos to bed. Don’t allow the subprime mortgage price fool you. that is a totally sweet piece of producing. despite the length (7 ft 6 inches), it’s fast and flexible, spry even, and nowhere near the S.W.A.T. truncheon it might before everything appear to be. Fenwick takes its aesthetics significantly. The olive hue and graphite blanks and spigot ferrules are downright ravishing. And fishing the Fenwick with the new Pflueger Patriarch XT ($2 hundred) (arguably the finest lightweight freshwater reel made these days), appears like reuniting long lost siblings.

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