Best for Snook and Redfish

Falcon Coastal XG Rod, Quantum Smoke PT Spinning Reel

multiple years in the past, I paid proper money for a guide to ferry me round southwest Florida apartments, spent 8-plus hours casting within the shallows and growing dizzy in the wet heat, catching not anything. Didn’t sniff a snook or redfish. 5 hundred bucks in the hollow. but something remarkable occurred: my guide befell to mention Falcon rods, stated they were an enterprise secret, a mash of parabolic symmetry and strength, mild enough to forged at some point of ingesting a sixer of Coors, but capable of take care of 20- to 40-pound fish. My enjoy with the Coastal XG ($130) within the Bahamas these days commemorated the person’s words to the song of a nine-pound bonefish, caught at the 7-foot, medium-heavy, 8- to 17-pound line weight version, with a lithe and masterful Quantum Smoke PT reel ($one hundred sixty) doing maximum of the using.

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