Green or grayish above, with silvery facets marked by using numerous dark blotches. Tail widely forked with pointed lobes. other participants of the cuda circle of relatives is probably encountered.The fairly uncommon Southern Sennet, Sphyraena picudilla, grows to approximately 18 inches, however seems very just like the larger Cuda and is normally discovered in colleges.The Guaguanche, Sphyraena guachancho, is similar to the Sennet in length, form and rarity. it is able to be prominent by a yellow or gold stripe.

SIZE: The extraordinary Barracuda degrees from foot-long juveniles on shallow residences to 50 pounds or extra off- shore. usual most is around 30 pounds, with the common being 5-15 report 85 kilos; Florida report sixty seven pounds.

GAME QUALITIES: On suitable tackle, the awesome Barracuda is certainly one of our maximum fantastic and capable opponents, regularly mixing speedy and pretty lengthy runs with greyhounding jumps. In deeper water, including over the reefs, it can additionally fight with power and stamina.

TACKLE AND BAITS: For inshore fishing on the flats and along beaches, spinning and baitcasting address are best, and fly tackle will even take lots of Cuda. The great artificial bait for Barracuda is a tube entice, made from a foot or 18 inches of plastic tubing with cord thru the center and a hook at the end. Fly casters could make or buy similar lures of braided textile substances. Over reefs and wrecks, casting address remains a good choice, with light saltwater gear additionally capable of supplying right recreation. stay fish make the very excellent herbal baits.The Barracuda also assaults rigged herbal baits, which includes Ballyhoo, with remarkable pride.


FISHING SYSTEMS: Trolling; Casting; Still Fishing.

OTHER NAMES: Cuda, Sea Pike,Picuda 

HABITAT: The Barracuda is at home nearly everywhere in South Florida and the tropical islands— from seashores and bays out to blue water.despite the fact that maximum fish in the shallows are small, it still is viable to hook up with a fifteen- or 20-pounder—possibly even a larger one—at the flats, or from shore. In important and North Florida—both Atlantic and Gulf—the wonderful Barracuda is seldom seen inshore, however is not unusual offshore on wrecks and artificial reefs.

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