Abu Garcia Revo MGX Baitcast Reel


  • Lightweight 5.4-ounce Revo MGX has innovative X-Mag alloy frame
  • C6 carbon sideplates for lightweight, durable performance
  • Infinitely Variable Centrifugal Brake (IVCB-IV) system
  • 28 external adjustment positions, allowing detailed fine-tuning on the water without having to remove the sideplate
  • 9 stainless steel HPCR bearings
  • 1 roller bearing provide increased corrosion protection
  • One-piece X-Mag alloy frame provides lightweight yet strong frame
  • 7.9:1 gear ratio, 28 inches per turn
  • Standard retrieve speed


Abu Garcia hi pace Revo is a surprising and revolutionary baitcast reel, which combines a compact and lightweight design with an progressive, durable and excessive-performing fishing gadget.

firstly, this popular reel weighs an insignificant five.4 oz, that’s accomplished through an X-magazine alloy body, an aluminum equipment and a carbon C6 sideplate.

All of this weight loss does not sacrifice the energy of the baitcast reel, as the only-piece body of the reel is notably sturdy.

The Revo MGX reel additionally has an progressive Infinitely Variable Centrifugal Brake (IVCB-IV) machine, which may be adjusted and quality-tuned to your preference so you are comfy whilst out at the water.

moreover, the baitcast reel has nine stainless steel HPCR bearings and a further roller bearing, which allows for improved safety towards corrosion even as making sure that your reel is smooth when fishing.

comfort, smoothness, castability, sturdiness and precision also are guaranteed through an Infini II spool layout, a Carbon Matrix Drag device, a unethical carbon handle, and a recessed reel foot.

the brand new Abu Garcia REVO MGX is a dream machine. when you pull it out of the container, the primary word from all and sundry who touches it’s miles “WOW!” For a few purpose, anyone i have exceeded it to does the identical factor. They bounce it in their arms, turn it over, spin the spool and crank it more than one times. At five.4 oz, it is so light it feels fragile, but it’s something however dainty.

As i am getting older, I continually look for lighter equipment. not lighter like finesse equipment however lighter in terms of weight. I nonetheless experience as difficult as a rusty nail, however spending all day at the water, yr after year, can take its toll on elbows, wrists, appendages and your lower back. whatever i will do to place the first-class equipment in my hands offers me self assurance and takes less attempt additionally makes fishing extra fun.

The low profile Abu Garcia Revo MGX is a Mercedes, the gap go back and forth and a diamond all in one. As my dad used to say, “this is a Cadillac.” certainly positioned: it’s one unique reel. The MGX is futuristic. It combines the modern day in technology and materials into a unmarried product, and it’s miles one clean domestic dog.

An X-mag frame with C6 Carbon side plates is the reason for its lightness. materials used offer both lack of weight and sturdiness. you purchased to find it irresistible. combined with 9 excessive performance Corrosion Resistant (HPCR) ball bearings and a single curler bearing, a 7.1:1 equipment ratio, because of this a full 28 inches on every turn, makes this reel one clean patron. A superb excessive pace 7.9:1 ratio is likewise to be had.

The trademarked IVCB-IV Brake gadget lets in this baitcaster the remaining in forged control. A carbon matrix drag device offers a sturdy easy drag, and in our checks, we sincerely preferred the incremental settings. in place of guessing at drag function each adjustment clicks and is specific. There are 28 settings.  A carbon fiber manage and comfy EVA paddles top it off.

The reel also employs a equipment access panel for lubrication. A small Phillips Head screw unlocks a small door and lubrication of gears is a snap. A small bottle of reel oil comes inside the package. wonderful characteristic!

For our checks we combined it with a Denali Rosewood Mark Tyler series 884MTM rod, 12-pound Seaguar Tatsu fluorocarbon line and a Strike King seasoned version 1/2-ounce double willow spinnerbait. This set up not best looks sweet however casts like a dream, and we could experience the lightest tick. Hook usahad been strong and the reel handled numerous fish up to three pounds without difficulty. Fishing deep grass on remarkable lengthy casts for four hours become a breeze, and if it had no longer got darkish, we’d nevertheless be available.

In a nutshell, we like this reel. it’s far the smoothest and lightest reel we’ve got seen up to now. Having the Abu Garcia emblem on it method it will ultimate as dependability is a benchmark for them.

due to the fact the Abu Garcia Revo MGX makes use of very high end substances, it’s miles a luxurious reel at $349.95. The MGX will hit the shelves in September. if you have the price range for it and demand overall performance and need the first-rate materials in a reel with the excellent recognition of the Revo collection of reels, then this reel must be on your list.


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